2022 World Rowing Beach Sprints

The 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals took place October 14-16 in Saundersfoot, Great Britain.

More than 250 athletes in 147 boats from 27 countries will compete in the event. The United States has nine boats competing in the regatta.

It was a busy day of beach sprint rowing mania in Saundersfoot, Great Britain, for the first day of competition at the 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals.

The event, which runs October 14-16, has rowers from around the world competing, including some big names in the rowing world.

“That was crazy, the whole day’s been crazy, but a lot of fun,” Olympic gold-medalist and New Zealand single sculler Emma Twigg told World Rowing.

“It’s been really interesting, we’ve learned a lot. That was my first race in a single, probably the third time I’ve been in a coastal boat, so learning a lot and don’t really have any expectations. Just here to have fun.”

In the coastal men’s solo event, American sculler Christopher Bak, posted the fastest time of the day in his event, winning the time trial.

“I am extremely happy with the solo win today,” Bak told USRowing. “It’s nice to know that the training I have put in has been paying off. There is still a lot more work ahead, but this race gave me a huge confidence boost going into the later rounds of the competition. As I did at trials this year, I just need to keep my head down and trust my body to do the work and not let my thoughts get in the way.”

The American junior women’s double also won their time trial, putting the number of U.S. crews moving on to the knockout round at seven.

U.S. Picks up Two Bronze Medals, Spain and Tunisia Shine Bright on Day Two of 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals

Tunisia had a strong showing on the second day of the 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals, coming away from the competition on October 15 with two golds in the under-19 coastal men’s solo and under-19 coastal women’s solo events.

The 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals is being held in Saundersfoot, Great Britain.

The United States’ beach sprint squad came away with two bronzes on the same day in the mixed coxed quad and under 19 coastal men’s solo events.

“The races were hectic with the strong winds, and we had to adapt very quickly as a crew to the situation,” Peter Choi, a member of the mixed coxed quad, told USRowing.

U.S. Picks Up Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals on Final Day of 2022 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals, Spain Racks Up Four

For the U.S. the final day of racing was a productive one, including a gold medal finish from Christopher Bak in the coastal men’s solo event, a silver medal in the under-19 coastal men’s double, and a bronze in the under-19 coastal women’s double.

“Honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet. As soon as I saw my coach Mark I just started shedding tears. It’s amazing, an amazing team, amazing parents who support me back home,” Bak told World Rowing. “Last year there was a bit of bad luck. Props to Gio (Giovanni Ficarra, ITA), since last year he was probably one of the most gracious competitors. We kept in touch all year, kept each other motivated. This year it was the same. You never know what’s going to happen out there, just because of the conditions.”

The blog was excerpted on ROWING NEWS. 

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