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Victor gao

ZJ Antiskid Grip Wrap for Dragon Boat Paddle/Outrigger Canoe Paddle (This Link Is Only Valid When Order A Paddle Together In 1 Order)

Lee Wong
Adjustable Dragon Boat Paddle

Purchased a black ZJ IDBF approved adjustable carbon dragon boat paddle plus a grey colour anti-skid grip wrap. Ordered online thru company website. Paddle looks good and height adjustment works well with the allen key received. I tried a few strokes in an indoor pool and feels great! I won’t be able to paddle or compete with it until spring/summer so unable to fully comment but I am very happy with my purchase! Company responded quickly when I asked about an unclear delivery note on the tracking app and I was worried about theft if I wasn’t around to pick it up. Took 3 weeks which was quick as website said approx 3-5 weeks via Shanghai Vancouver Toronto to finally Quebec. Wasn’t home when Canada post delivered it. Received a notice card to pick it up within 2 weeks or it will be returned to sender. Paid the provincial 15% tax duty. Nicely well packed in 2 pieces. I am impressed with quality, efficiency and professional service of this company.

Colin Daniels
Amazing Paddles

The Paddles and cases look amazing i would of given you 5 stars but had to knock it back to 4 because of the lengh of time between odering and shipping but once shipped they arrived in a resonable time and were well protected
Thank you for your service other team members loved the paddles and i believe that they are putting in an order with you