Feature-arm bag

  1. The bag is fashion and simple style and is suitable for man and woman.This bag is suitable for watersports, fitness, running, riding, training, yoga, hiking and other sports.The double zipper design can make a headset hole. You can also enjoy music while exercising and feel relax.
  2. The double pocket design makes a large capacity, the main pocket is available for large objects, such as phone(within 6.7inch), and another small bag can hold some small objects, such as keys,cards, cash, coins, earphone, and more.
  3. Made of waterproof polyester material, it can be well protect your goods when doing water sport or meeting rain day. It is easy to wash and clean as new with wet wipes or cloth.
  4. The back adopts breathable fabric, which has the functions of moisture absorption and sweat , so that you don't feel stuffy and hot during exercise. It can keep your arms cool and comfortable.
  5. The adjusting strap has good elasticity, can be stretched arbitrarily and adjusted to a suitable length freely. And the magic sticker armband is high-viscosity , firm sticking, which is easy to wear and take off.