1. Process: Handcrafted wood shaft and blade reinforced with fiberglass, made of walnut, autumn wood and white pine. 
  2. Optimum Angle: 12°between the blade and shaft helps you save energy.
  3. Ergonomic: T-handle make it easier to grasp.
  4. Shaft: Upper bent shaft allows the blade to keep vertical for a longer portion of the stroke. It makes available power be greatest and moves more water with less effort.
  5. Blade: Reinforced classical water-drop shape blade edge with fiberglass which makes paddles stronger than other normal wood paddle.  
  6. Graphic Blade: Graphic inside the blade is printed onto the material directly and permanently. Not water stickers, paint finish or clear coating. Please kindly note that the graphic is only on the front side. 
  7. Note: All the wooden paddles are completely handmade, now it needs at least 2 months to be shipped out, pls kindly consider it before order the wooden paddle, thanks.