1. Design for Race: MOANA paddle is designed specifically for high level athletes in extreme good shape. Added two profiled rails on the blade edges. This allows to compress all the water pressure on the whole surface of the blade and undeniably give the best grip and an extreme power to each stroke despite its small surface. This blade can be used in any type of water conditions, and will be your best ally in your next race or competition.
  2. High Modulus Carbon Fiber: Made of 100% high modulus carbon fiber. 
  3. Ultra Light:The shaft is tapered shaft (approx 220g-255g) and lightweight carbon blade (approx 200g). The whole paddle is approx 400g after cut to length.
  4. Handle: The palm handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and provide a secure grip.
  5. Process: The paddle is made by hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine. This process allows us to perfect the weight, size, and blade thickness.
  6. Packing: Unassembled. it is in 3 separated parts (handle, shaft, blade)