ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model
ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model

ZJ 3-Pieces SUP Paddle Race Weapon Model

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  • A good SUP paddle is lightweight, sturdy and effective, so it feels like an extension of paddler's body.


    In order to facilitate transport and storage, we mainly offer 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle (Series S is also available in 1-piece, 1 box of 25 pieces). Combined with carbon fiber blade and double bolt clamp, which is perfectly fit for users who want to adjust personal length or to share their paddle with others. A handy & durable carbon fiber shaft with our carbon prepreg handle, provide the lightest weight option for paddlers.


    Material is one of the key factors when choosing the paddle. We focus on carbon fiber and PMI foam (shaped by CNC machine) as the core material for the blade, which increase the paddle's service life and prevent the blade edge from splitting due to being exposed to the sun. Our SUP paddle truly achieves the perfect balance of lightness, rigidity and good impact resistant.


    The right size of the blade is also necessary for you. A large blade is more powerful as it displaces more water. While a small blade is more efficient as it is easier to pull through water.


    Use ZJ's SUP paddle to free yourself!

    1. Our Weaponpaddle is our new innovative blade we designed specifically for high level athletes in extreme good shape. The outline of this blade has been redesigned to allow for a stronger grip on water, while maintaining a slight flexibility. The main particularity is that we added two profiled rails on the blade edges. This new design allows to compress all the water pressure on the whole surface of the blade and undeniably give the best grip and an extreme power to each stroke despite its small surface. This blade can be used in any type of water conditions, and will be your best ally in your next race or 


    1. The paddle is made by Hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine.


    1. The paddle blade’s edge is reinforced with carbon fiber filament.


    1. Full carbon fiber made, which is more lightweight but also solid. We have a perfect balance of lightness and strength.


    1. 3 K prepreg shaped shaft.


    1. 3-pieces paddle, it’s easy to store and carry.
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    Shaft material

    Prepreg Carbon Fiber

    Blade material

    Carbon Fiber, PMI foam , Epoxy resin


    S(15.5*44.5cm 76 sq.in), M(17*45.5cm 84 sq.in), L(17.5*47.3cm 92 sq.in)



    Angle of degree

    12 degree

    1. Normally ship out within 7 days after receiving your payment.


    1. Please kindly unpack the package and check the paddles in front of the forwarder, please do not accept the package, not to sign the bill if there is any damage on the paddles, thanks, or we will be not responsible for the damaged paddles, hoping that you may understand it, thanks.


    1. Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5 MM more or less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering. Thanks for your kind understanding.


    1. All importing fees caused (Tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyer’s cost. To help you receive the products without any fees, we will help declare low value to save or avoid the fees. But please kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused. Thanks for your kindly understanding.
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  • * Type of Paddle Boarding

    1. All-Around Paddle Boarding

    For all around paddling any sup paddle will work fine. What paddle you choose will be determined by how often you paddle. The more you paddleboard the lighter weight paddle you will want.

    If you only paddle a few times a year a heavier entry level paddle will be fine. Spending more time in the water you will want to upgrade to a fiberglass or carbon/fiberglass blend.

    Adjustable paddles are the way to go for most paddlers. Beginners need an adjustable paddle to experiment with different lengths.


    1. Racing

    Sup racers want the stiffest and lightest carbon paddle they can afford. Blade size will depend on the paddlers strength and the condition of his/her shoulders.


    1. Surfing and Whitewater

    Surfing and whitewater demand a durable paddle. The shaft should have some flex. Fiberglass is a good choice.


    1. Touring/Long Distance

    Serious long distance paddlers want the lightest paddle they can afford.

    Many long distance paddlers like a little bit of flex which is easier on the joints and muscles.

    A lightweight high-quality carbon/fiberglass blend is a good choice.

    Long distance paddlers tend to prefer a moderate blade size to save wear and tear on their shoulders, wrists and elbows.


    1. Women and Children

    There are sup paddles made specifically for women and children. These paddles are lighter with smaller blades. The shaft and grip is smaller in diameter to fit smaller hands.


    * Blade Size

    Large blades:

    90-100 sq. inches

    Generate more power

    But need more power to paddle

    Best for larger strong paddlers

    Best for well-conditioned paddlers on fast boards

    Less strokes per minute


    Small blades:

    80-87 sq. inches

    Easier on all the joints and muscles

    Best for a quick cadence

    Best for dynamic turns

    Best for smaller paddlers

    Best if you have shoulder problems

    More strokes per minute with less energy per stroke


    Body weight/Blade Size Guidelines

    <150 lbs

    80-90 sq.in.

    150-200 lbs

    90-100 sq.in.

    >200 lbs

    100-120 sq.in.


    *Blade Shape

    There are two basic blade shapes. The tear drop and the rectangle.

    The difference is only noticeable with experience.

    Basically, the tear-drop shape has a tad more power. The rectangle offers a faster cadence and is easier on the body.


    *Blade Offset

    Blade offset is the degree of angle a blade has.

    - 7º blade is best for surfing and whitewater

    - 10º blade is best for all-around paddling

    - 12º blade is best for racing



    * Adjustable vs Fixed Length

    • Adjustable paddlesare the most common and popular type of sup paddle. They allow the beginner to experiment and find the perfect paddle length.

    Adjustable paddles break down into two or three sections making them shorter for travel.

    Intermediate and advanced paddlers like them because they can use the same paddle for long distance touring and shorten it for surfing.

    With an adjustable paddle you can have one paddle for the entire family. And it can be adjusted for a friend who wants to try your paddle board.


    • Fixed sup paddlesare made for experienced paddlers who know exactly what they need in a paddle.

    Fixed paddles tend to be a bit lighter, a bit stronger and cost a bit less. And you never have to worry about the locking mechanism breaking.


    *SUP Paddle Length Tips

    For flat water paddling: 8-10” taller than your height

    When surfing or whitewater river running: 4-8″ taller than your height



    -You need to experiment within these guidelines to find the best length for you. Everyone has different body proportions, longer or shorter arms, etc.

    -Most paddlers fit near the middle of these guidelines.

    -If you have longer arms or broader shoulders try the longer side of the guidelines.

    -If you have shoulder problems try the shorter side of the guidelines.

    -If your shoulders hurt from paddling your paddle is too long.

    -If you have an upright style try the longer side of the guidelines.

    -If you have a more crouching style try the shorter side.

    -You can adjust for conditions: In flatwater a longer paddle will give you longer more powerful strokes.

    -When the water gets choppy a shorter paddle will help you handle those rougher conditions with short quick strokes.

Z&J SPORT warrants that all composite material paddles are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.
The warranty does not cover the normal product wear, transport damage, and any product failure caused by off water damage, or any misuse or damage to the product.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, pls supply us with the order number and clear photos within 1 week, after checking, we will remedy the failure or defect, , the remedy will consist of repair, replacement (parts replacement will be in next new order shipment) and refund, at Z&J SPORT's option.

Z&J SPORT own the rights to decide if the paddle will be covered under the warranty.


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* Bank Transfer (T/T).prepayment to start production, the balance before shipment
* Western Union
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