ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted
ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted
ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted
ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted
ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted

ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle With Graphic on Discounted

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Z&J SPORT warrants that all composite material paddles are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.
The warranty does not cover the normal product wear, transport damage, and any product failure caused by off water damage, or any misuse or damage to the product.

In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, pls supply us with the order number and clear photos within 1 week, after checking, we will remedy the failure or defect, , the remedy will consist of repair, replacement (parts replacement will be in next new order shipment) and refund, at Z&J SPORT's option.

Z&J SPORT own the rights to decide if the paddle will be covered under the warranty.


* By PAYPAL  (4.5% charges)
* Bank Transfer (T/T).prepayment to start production, the balance before shipment
* Western Union
* Credit Card



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    • According to the ancient Chinese stories, the dragon boat originated in the Warring States Period. Due to the honored Minster Chu Yuan died in the river, the whole country people could not accept the loss of the great man.

      Therefore, every 5th May of lunar month, people organize a dragon boat racing to commemorate him. Nowadays, this race has become an international event. It is very popular in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore and other countries and districts.

      As the popularity of the composite materials, paddle materials are becoming more and more diversified. Since 2007, ZJ has been focusing on producing carbon fiber paddles. Our mission is creating a lighter, faster and stronger dragon boat paddle.

      We are using PMI foam core (shaped by CNC machine) for the blade and 100% carbon fiber prepreg for the shaft, thus a high-quality and fabulous paddle is created.

      Wish you have a wonderful journey with our paddle!

    • 1. The paddle is made by Hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine. Cut according to the shape, thickness and size of the blade completely, which can precisely control the weight, size and thickness.

      2. The paddle blade’s edge is reinforced with carbon fiber filament, which is more resistant to collisions.

      3. It is 1-Piece between the shaft and blade, no gap junction, which is more aesthetic and solid.

      4. Full carbon fiber made, which is more lightweight but also solid. We have a perfect balance of lightness and strength.

      5. IDBF approved paddle.

      6. The T-handle is designed to fit comfortably in the palm while providing a secure grip.

      7. The grip part of the shaft is Oval which is comfortable to hold.

      8. The Graphic inside the blade is printed onto the material directly, without water stickers, without paint finish or clear coating. The graphic is inside the blade permanently.

    • Blade Size





      Carbon Fiber






      ZJ SPORT

      IDBF No.

      One-piece: 3263

      Adjustable: 3262


      Lakes & Rivers


      The upper part is Round, the bottom part is Oval

    • Free shipping for 2nd paddles(only for standard shipping way)Pls kindly add the Items in correct quantity into cart, and check out ,

      pls fill in the delivery address then submit the order for payment process,

      the store system will show you the final cost including shipping cost before payment.

      THANKS for your time

    • 1. If you chhose "customized length",  please kindly leave us a message in the ORDER NOTE about the length you need, thanks.

      2. Normally ship out within 7 days after receiving your payment.

      3. Please kindly unpack the package and check the paddles in front of the forwarder, please do not accept the package, not to sign the bill if there is any damage on the paddles, thanks, or we will be not responsible for the damaged paddles, hoping that you may understand it, thanks.

      4. Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5 MM more or less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering. Thanks for your kind understanding.

      5. All importing fees caused (Tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyer’s cost. Please kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused. Thanks for your kindly understanding.

    • The chart is based on generalized data. The unique details you need to consider include arm length, your stroke rate, your skill level, what part of the boat you sit in, what type of boat your team uses and what type of water you typically paddle in.

      ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle Sizing Chart

      Paddler’s Height

      Paddle Length









      Here are a few techniques you can use to determine the right paddle length:

      *Do a sitting test:

      Sit on a flat surface and stand your paddle up next to you, blade down. Can you reach up and grab the handle? If so, this might be a good paddle length for you.

      *Do a standing test:

      Stand on a flat surface and stand your paddle up next to you, blade down. If you can fit at least three fingers between the handle and your armpit, this might be a good paddle length for you.

      *Do a real test:

      To truly find the right paddle, you have to add water! With that in mind, the easiest way to determine your ideal paddle size is to use paddles of different lengths for a few minutes at a time during practice. Simply swap paddles with your teammates and see what length works best for you.

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