ZJ Separate Blade With Round Hollow Spigot For Kayak Paddle J Series(ONLY BLADES)
ZJ Separate Blade With Round Hollow Spigot For Kayak Paddle J Series(ONLY BLADES)

ZJ Separate Blade With Round Hollow Spigot For Kayak Paddle J Series(ONLY BLADES)

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Z&J SPORT garantisce che tutte le pagaie in materiale composito sono prive di difetti di fabbricazione e dei materiali per un periodo di 1 anno dalla data di acquisto.
La garanzia non copre la normale usura del prodotto, i danni da trasporto e qualsiasi guasto del prodotto causato da danni causati dall'acqua o da qualsiasi uso improprio o danno al prodotto.

In caso di difetto coperto da questa garanzia, vi preghiamo di fornirci il numero d'ordine e le foto chiare entro 1 settimana, dopo aver verificato, rimedieremo al guasto o difetto, il rimedio consisterà nella riparazione, sostituzione (la sostituzione delle parti avverrà nella successiva spedizione del nuovo ordine) e rimborso, a discrezione di Z&J SPORT.

Z&J SPORT possiede i diritti per decidere se la pagaia sarà coperta dalla garanzia.


* Tramite PAYPAL  (addebiti del 4,5%)
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    • Features
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    • Attention
      1. All our carbon wing blades are 100% carbon fiber, made by hand lay-up molding.


      1. The paddle blade’s edge is reinforced with carbon fiber filament, which is more resistant to collisions. And it will not swell under the sun.


      1. The asymmetrical shape and groove design can enhance the water retention capacity.


      1. The ferrule allows you to make the blades feathered or unfeathered. Feathered blades are blades that are not parallel to each other, but rather at an angle (generally 30° or 45°). This makes the blades more efficient as they cut through the wind, but it also makes them trickier for beginners. A good thing to know is that feathered blades are not recommended if you have joint problems or pain in your wrists, because it puts extra strain on your control hand.


      1. A spoon blade has more power but is trickier for beginners, because it will flutter if your technique is not perfect. If you are a beginner, the only reason to choose a spoon blade would be because you are determined to perfecting your kayaking strokes and are willing to suffer in the process.


      1. High-Angle Blade is great for speed and competition.
    • Brand

      ZJ SPORT




      Carbon fiber







       The blade is for round shaft OD 28mm

      Blade hole size 28mm



      Note The price is for only 2 pcs blades.
      1. Normally ship out within 7 days after receiving your payment.


      1. Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5MM more or less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering. Thanks for your kind understanding.


      1. Pls kindly unpack the package and check the paddles in front of the forwarder, pls do not accept the package, not to sign the bill if there is any damage on the paddles, thanks, or we will be not responsible for the damaged paddles, hoping that you may understand it, thanks.


      1. All importing fees caused (Tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyer’s cost. Pls kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused. Thanks for your kindly understanding.


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